Are Pests Bothering Your Trees & Shrubs? An On-site Arborist Evaluation Can Help.

Spring is here and this is a great time to have your trees and shrubs evaluated by a certified Massachusetts arborist to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape. Tree Tech’s on site evaluation and insect control recommendations can include any of the following: altering irrigation, pruning, planting depth, changing or addressing mulch issues, spraying or applying plant treatments. Our goal is to health and preservation of your trees and shrubs health.  Tree Tech even has the necessary equipment to reach the tops of large trees to provide insect control treatment and large tree trimming.

insect control

Our licensed applicators use sprays, pesticides and organic treatments when applicable to effectively treat a widevariety of insects that can harm your plants including mites, gypsy moths, Emerald Ash Borer, Asian Longhorned Beetle, deer ticks, winter moth and other types of intrusive pests. We offer Mosquito sprays, poison ivy treatment and soil injections for insect control. Our insect control philosophy is simple – use low impact treatments and natural, organic ingredients whenever possible to minimize the presence of insects while maintaining a sense of environmental responsibility.  Contact us for a complimentary site visit.

Tree Tech provides year round tree services in Boston and throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Call today for a site visit 888-873-3832 or visit

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  • Pete Tayoun


    Nice article. In Norhteastern Pennsylvania we typically have a problem with gypsy moths. I’m sure you feel our pain. Furthermore, our company has been seeing a surge in the community of people who are very concerned about what gets sprayed onto their foliage. “Natural” pestacides are quickly replacing the caustic old chemicals. You are absolutely right and there is a delicate balance between ridding trees of harmful pests while protecting the tree. Thanks!



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