14 Aug 2017

Tips for Keeping Trees & Shrubs Healthy with Proper Irrigation

Tips for Keeping Trees & Shrubs Healthy with Proper Irrigation Ever wonder if you’re over-watering or under-watering your trees and shrubs? Well it’s a common question our certified arborists get each summer. We all too often experience plants that have been “killed with kindness” from over-watering.  Trees can be harmed by too much water as well as not enough. Symptoms for both under-watering and over-watering are wilted and scorched leaves. Water is essential to all living things

21 Nov 2016

Rapid Drops in Temperature Can Cause Winter Tree Damage

Tree damage in winter can occur from a wide range of cold related problems. However, extreme temperature fluctuations and rapid drops in temperature can be some of the most damaging. Trees prefer a period of acclimation and thus favor slow warming and cooling trends in weather. Extended periods of mild weather cause trees to resume growth. When warmer weather is followed by rapid drops in temperature, tree damage such as frost crack or frost injury can

15 Jul 2016

Invasive Plants in the landscape

A major concern in our naturalized areas is the establishment of invasive, non- native, trees, shrubs and vines.  These "introduced" plants have the ability to proliferate and then dominate unmanaged areas.  There is no area immune from their establishment; urban, suburban and rural areas will find invasive plants growing where no management has taken place.  Invasives are commonly spread by birds, they ingest the plants fruit and distribute the now "pre-fertilized" seeds to the ground

25 Mar 2016

Are Pests Bothering Your Trees & Shrubs?

Are Pests Bothering Your Trees & Shrubs? An On-site Arborist Evaluation Can Help. Spring is here and this is a great time to have your trees and shrubs evaluated by a certified Massachusetts arborist to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape. Tree Tech’s on site evaluation and insect control recommendations can include any of the following: altering irrigation, pruning, planting depth, changing or addressing mulch issues, spraying or applying plant treatments. Our goal is to health and

18 Feb 2016

Can Snow Compromise Tree Health?

Can Snow Compromise Tree Health? It’s that time of year again when snow is in the air…heavy snow, light snow, ice and everything in between.  Snow might appear light and fluffy, but in large amounts it can weight down limbs, adding stress to the structure of trees and shrubs when it accumulates.  When tree branches can no longer sustain the added pressure, they may crack or break in half.  Hopefully, the tree’s branches, or the

30 Dec 2015

How to Care for Trees Damaged by Snow and Ice

How to Care for Trees Damaged by Snow and Ice Following severe winter weather, homeowners with damaged trees are left wondering if they will survive. Often ice, snow and wind can leave quite a mess in addition to damaged personal property. But it’s very important to know when trees can be saved with simple restorative trimming and pruning, or if they need to indeed be removed entirely. Making hasty decisions can often result in removing trees that

8 Oct 2015

Who Needs Land or Vista Clearing Services?

Who Needs Land or Vista Clearing Services? When you think of land clearing , you often envision removing large groups of trees for commercial development or for the purposes of building new homes, and in fact, this is often its use. But this is only one of the benefits and uses of land clearing. Partial clearing of a private or residential property can enhance views, reduce undesirable underbrush and insidious vines that pose a threat to mature trees and shrubs,

21 Sep 2015

Removing Trees Injured by Summer Storms

Have summer storms damaged your trees or shrubs? Perhaps you’re wondering if the tree needs to be removed or  just trimmed? There are many dos & don’ts when it comes to tree removal. Only a certified arborist and tree care professional can assess whether a tree is a hazard and needs removal, or if other options such as treatment or trimming are viable. Tree removal should be a last resort and the arborists at Tree Tech

23 Jun 2015

Dry Weather can be Detrimental to Trees and Shrubs

Dry Weather can be Detrimental to Trees and Shrubs Low precipitation and midsummer drought conditions can adversely affects trees and shrubs and overall plant health. Both the mortality of newly planted trees and shrubs and the growth and aesthetic appeal of established landscape plants can be compromised. Signs of stress from poor water conditions include wilted leaves, marginal scorch, or leaves dropping prematurely. When drought strikes, many trees like pine and sugar maple, are less

12 Feb 2015

Proper Winter Tree Care

Winter tree care tips: Evaluate trees for weaknesses that can be susceptible to winter weather. Have a “no cost” inspection of your landscape by one of our Certified Arborists which is effective in the winter as well as the growing season. Remove fallen leaves from beneath disease susceptible trees and shrubs (dogwoods, crabapples) Prune disease infected limbs when dormant, eliminating further infection, sterilize pruning tools regardless between pruning cuts (fire blight, Dutch elm disease). Contain