2018 Insect Disease Control Update

2018 Insect Disease Control Update: Gypsy Moth Despite reports of a fungus that attacks gypsy moths minimizing their population last season, our arborists have seen numerous signs that many escaped the infection and will be a factor in 2018. If you witnessed moths fluttering around last July and see tan egg masses on tree trunks or undersides of limbs you should anticipate a problem this season. Wintermoth This damaging insect continues to be a problem.

29 Apr 2015

Choosing When to Prune Trees

Choosing when to prune certain plant species is very important and can be a bit tricky, especially when seasonal weather starts late as is the case this year. Pruning too late in spring or summer can increase the chance of infection and spread bacterial diseases like fire blight. Tree trimming and pruning should only be done with a specific goal in mind. Although proper pruning can be a beneficial way to the care for trees

29 Apr 2015

Are Pests Bothering Your Trees & Shrubs?

An on-site Arborist evaluation can help. Spring is here and this is a great time to have your trees and shrubs evaluated by a licensed Arborist to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape.  Tree Tech’s on site evaluation and insect control recommendations can include any of the following: altering irrigation, pruning, planting depth, changing or addressing mulch issues, spraying or applying plant treatments.  Our goal is to maintain and improve the health and vigor of