Can Snow Compromise Tree Health?

It’s that time of year again when snow is in the air…heavy snow, light snow, ice and everything in between.  Snow might appear light and fluffy, but in large amounts it can weight down limbs, adding stress to the structure of trees and shrubs when it accumulates.  When tree branches can no longer sustain the added pressure, they may crack or break in half.  Hopefully, the tree’s branches, or the tree itself is not hovering over your car or house when it falls.  Damage from fallen trees costs homeowners millions of dollars each year. It’s a good idea to photograph your trees and landscape every few years. In the event you experience major damage during a winter storm, you’ll have evidence to provide to your insurance company.

If damage from heavy snow or ice does occur, call a company like Tree Tech that specializes in emergency tree services. If it’s not an emergency, but there’s still significant damage, the damaged trees or shrubs should be inspected by a certified arborist to preserve plants health and integrity. To request a free site visit from one of Tree Tech’s on staff arborists visit We’ve been a leading tree care company for over 25 years. Call 888-873-3832 for a free arborist site visit.


  • Trevor

    It sure looks like my tree’s health worsened this winter!

  • Daniel

    We don’t often deal with snow here in Ventura, Califoornia…Must be interesting to deal with the different elements in your local area. Great tip in taking consecutive pictures throughout the years to monitor tree health!

  • April Cook

    I like your tip to have an arborist look at the tree if it is damaged instead of just having it removed. We have a lot of trees around our home, and I would love to be able to preserve them if at all possible. Would it be smart to have someone look at our trees every fall to make sure that they are trimmed properly and are strong enough to withstand another winter?


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