29 Apr 2015

Choosing When to Prune Trees

Choosing when to prune certain plant species is very important and can be a bit tricky, especially when seasonal weather starts late as is the case this year. Pruning too late in spring or summer can increase the chance of infection and spread bacterial diseases like fire blight. Tree trimming and pruning should only be done with a specific goal in mind. Although proper pruning can be a beneficial way to the care for trees

29 Apr 2015

Are Pests Bothering Your Trees & Shrubs?

An on-site Arborist evaluation can help. Spring is here and this is a great time to have your trees and shrubs evaluated by a licensed Arborist to ensure the health and beauty of your landscape.  Tree Tech’s on site evaluation and insect control recommendations can include any of the following: altering irrigation, pruning, planting depth, changing or addressing mulch issues, spraying or applying plant treatments.  Our goal is to maintain and improve the health and vigor of

12 Feb 2015

Proper Winter Tree Care

Winter tree care tips: Evaluate trees for weaknesses that can be susceptible to winter weather. Have a “no cost” inspection of your landscape by one of our Certified Arborists which is effective in the winter as well as the growing season. Remove fallen leaves from beneath disease susceptible trees and shrubs (dogwoods, crabapples) Prune disease infected limbs when dormant, eliminating further infection, sterilize pruning tools regardless between pruning cuts (fire blight, Dutch elm disease). Contain

27 Jan 2015

Tree Damage Caused by Early Winter Freeze

Tree damage in winter can occur from a wide range of cold related problems. However, extreme temperature fluctuations and rapid drops in temperature can be some of the most damaging. Trees prefer a period of acclimation and thus favor slow warming and cooling trends in weather. Extended periods of mild weather cause trees to resume growth. When warmer weather is followed by rapid drops in temperature, tree damage such as frost crack or frost injury can

15 Dec 2014

Fall is a Good Time to Fertilize Trees

Fall is here and it’s a good time to fertilize trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy and strong in the spring.  In unplanned landscapes, trees are naturally fertilized at this time of year, as leaves fall to the ground and decaying plant matter enriches the soil below. These nutrients “fertilize” the trees which help keep them healthy and vigorous. Tree in landscaped settings don’t always have this advantage. Often times they are planted in turf

2 Dec 2014

Should you Plant New Trees and Shrubs in the Fall?

Most people think of planting trees and shrubs in the spring. Fall can also be a good time to plant due to cooler temperatures and ample rainfall. Trees and shrubs planted in fall may require extra attention. It’s important to note that plants need enough time to establish a good root system before winter hits. Planting the right type of plants and providing them with ample water and proper fertilizer is key to getting a good start

Fall Tree Care Checklist

The days are getting shorter and cooler – sure signs that fall is on its way. Don’t forget the basics of fall tree care like watering and mulching. Fall is a great time to prune trees in preparation for winter and  fertilize them one last time to ensure good tree health before colder weather arrives. Check out this handy fall tree care checklist from the certified arborists at Tree Tech, a leading tree service company serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island.   Tree