27 Jan 2015

Tree Damage Caused by Early Winter Freeze

Tree damage in winter can occur from a wide range of cold related problems. However, extreme temperature fluctuations and rapid drops in temperature can be some of the most damaging. Trees prefer a period of acclimation and thus favor slow warming and cooling trends in weather. Extended periods of mild weather cause trees to resume growth. When warmer weather is followed by rapid drops in temperature, tree damage such as frost crack or frost injury can

15 Dec 2014

Fall is a Good Time to Fertilize Trees

Fall is here and it’s a good time to fertilize trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy and strong in the spring.  In unplanned landscapes, trees are naturally fertilized at this time of year, as leaves fall to the ground and decaying plant matter enriches the soil below. These nutrients “fertilize” the trees which help keep them healthy and vigorous. Tree in landscaped settings don’t always have this advantage. Often times they are planted in turf