30 Dec 2015

How to Care for Trees Damaged by Snow and Ice

How to Care for Trees Damaged by Snow and Ice Following severe winter weather, homeowners with damaged trees are left wondering if they will survive. Often ice, snow and wind can leave quite a mess in addition to damaged personal property. But it’s very important to know when trees can be saved with simple restorative trimming and pruning, or if they need to indeed be removed entirely. Making hasty decisions can often result in removing trees that

27 Jan 2015

Tree Damage Caused by Early Winter Freeze

Tree damage in winter can occur from a wide range of cold related problems. However, extreme temperature fluctuations and rapid drops in temperature can be some of the most damaging. Trees prefer a period of acclimation and thus favor slow warming and cooling trends in weather. Extended periods of mild weather cause trees to resume growth. When warmer weather is followed by rapid drops in temperature, tree damage such as frost crack or frost injury can