Choosing when to prune certain plant species is very important and can be a bit tricky, especially when seasonal weather starts late as is the case this year. Pruning too late in spring or summer can increase the chance of infection and spread bacterial diseases like fire blight.

Tree trimming and pruning should only be done with a specific goal in mind. Although proper pruning can be a beneficial way to the care for trees and shrubs, every cut is a wound and trimming should always be done with careful consideration. It’s best to rely on the advice of a certified Arborist who understands the life cycle of various trees and shrubs and can provide professional advise on proper tree care and shrub service, at the right time of year.


  • Paige Smith

    It is interesting to learn about tree trimming and pruning. I did not know that tree pruning reduces the chances of infection and spread of bacteria. What a great way to keep trees healthy.

  • Ethel

    I wasn’t sure what the purpose of pruning trees was but, I understand it is for the health of the tree, now. Having a goal in mind will help prevent you from taking off healthy branches. I will keep this article in mind when I trim my trees next.

  • Bill Barnett

    I used to do a lot of pruning on our apples trees at home when I was a child. I haven’t done it for a very long time, but at my new home we have beautiful and large trees. This article really helped me out in knowing how soon I should start pruning them. I will make sure to do it in early spring.

  • Trevor

    Now that the cold is almost over, I’m going to start trimming this weekend


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