The days are getting shorter and cooler – sure signs that fall is on its way. Don’t forget the basics of fall tree care like watering and mulching. Fall is a great time to prune trees in preparation for winter and  fertilize them one last time to ensure good tree health before colder weather arrives. Check out this handy fall tree care checklist from the certified arborists at Tree Tech, a leading tree service company serving Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Tree Pruning:
Good time of year for pruning. Prepare your trees in the fall for the winter snow and ice storms so the damage will be minimal, if any. Come spring, they will be healthy and looking good!

Tree Removal:
If you have trees in your yard that don’t look healthy and are a potential hazard,and have concerns about them damaging your property (or your neighbors), this would be a good time to have one of our Tree Tech certified arborists, come and evaluate your trees to see if a removal is needed.

Alternating wet and dry conditions this summer caused some insect and disease problems to crop up. If you had construction on your property, your trees are probably stressed after their roots were continually  stepped on or driven over. Giving them a bit of rejuvenation while they are storing their energy for the winter would be a good idea. It will give them a healthy head start for the spring.

Deer Repellent:
Yes, they will be coming for your well cared-for trees and shrubs, especially if itis a snowy winter. Snow doesn’t always seem to be a factor for the deer. Why foraget hrough the woods when they can easily enjoy the convenience of buffet dining at your home on your yews, arborvitaes, etc.? Have a Tree Tech certified Massachusetts arborist come to evaluate your property and give you an estimate for Deer Repellent Treatment – the earlier the better. It is important to take action before they make your yard their chosen feeding place.

For more helpful tips and information about tree care, visit today. Tree Tech is a licensed Massachusetts tree company providing residential and commercial tree service throughout New England since 1986. Click here to schedule a site visit.

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