Fall is here and it’s a good time to fertilize trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy and strong in the spring.  In unplanned landscapes, trees are naturally fertilized at this time of year, as leaves fall to the ground and decaying plant matter enriches the soil below. These nutrients “fertilize” the trees which help keep them healthy and vigorous.

Tree in landscaped settings don’t always have this advantage. Often times they are planted in turf with nutrient deficient soil and then leaves are cleaned or removed from yards, which alters or altogether prevents the natural recycling process – whereby plants fertilize themselves. So it stands to reason that in planned landscapes, trees and shrubs may require the application of fertilizer to help encourage healthy growth. Proper fertilization can also help trees become more pest and disease resistant.

Tree Tech uses a Liquid Soil Injection method to apply fertilizer to your trees. The fertilizer is injected by the technician into the ground at specific points and depth around your tree using a “needle” drawing the fertilizer from the tank on the truck. This method is clean, efficient and helps to aerate the soil and leads to rapid uptake of nutrients into the tree. We use an organic fertilizer which incorporates Mycorizae organisms into the soil. These are fungal organisms that adhere to the roots of plants and aid in the absorption of water and nutrients. It improves the soil condition which makes it more hospitable for roots and therefore improving the health of the plant. It is safe and effective and can be used at any time of the year.

If you would like an assessment of your landscape’s fertilization needs please contact a Tree Tech certified arborist for a site visit today. Our tree experts can inspect your trees and shrubs and provide recommendations for the proper tree care including tree fertilizertree trimming and pruning and disease and insect control treatments and more. Visit for more information.
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