Have summer storms damaged your trees or shrubs? Perhaps you’re wondering if the tree needs to be removed or  just trimmed? There are many dos & don’ts when it comes to tree removal. Only a certified arborist and tree care professional can assess whether a tree is a hazard and needs removal, or if other options such as treatment or trimming are viable.

Tree removal should be a last resort and the arborists at Tree Tech are trained to identify when this is absolutely necessary. In the event tree removal is necessary, Tree Tech’s experienced personnel will safely remove it, even in the most difficult conditions. All of our tree work in MA is done with precision and care to avoid damage to your property. Tree Tech is equipped with 4 tree removal cranes and a staff of trained professionals who are dedicated to safe, efficient tree removal. Tree removal includes cutting the tree down to nearly ground level and if necessary, the remaining stump can be ground below grade. Stump grinding can include the removal of most surface roots. Tree Tech has been providing tree removal services and a full range of tree care services since 1986. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible tree care, treatment and preservation throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Visit www.TreeTechInc.net for more information or for a complimentary site visit call 888-873-3832.


  • Julie Myers

    Where I live, we have really bad summer storms. This last year was no exception, and a few of my trees were damaged. It would be really nice to get some professional help to take care of the damages. There are a few branches that need to be removed so that they don’t fall and damage my home or our shed in the backyard. It sounds like licensed arborists will have all the proper tools and will be able to bring in things like cranes, if necessary, to be sure that it is all taken care of safely. I will be sure to look into this very soon!

  • Kim Greene

    These gentlemen did a wonderful job on our property. They were on time, polite, very caring of the trees and the clean up was wonderful. There was a combination of crane and tree climbing that was skillful and once again taking into account our property and the neighboring property. I recommend them highly.

  • Mark Ellegood

    I also live in storm ally. Lots of limbs fall naturally but nothing like when a storm rips through and leaves you to wonder how some of the smaller trees survived.
    There are a lot of tree removal services that come around afterwards but leave a lot of questions as to their legitimacy, licensed and insured. Thanks for the helpful and useful information.

  • Michael Dick

    I own a tree service company in Victoria B.C. I would love for more people to read this kind of thing, but unfortunately tree care isn’t the most interesting of subjects to most people, so they just call people like us without educating themselves first. Unfortunately, so many “certified” arborists out there are only there for the pay cheque, and not people’s safety. By pure luck we don’t have many incidents around here but when it happens, there is lots of controversy.
    Thanks for the post

  • Nathan

    You nailed it with this post. Tree removal should be the last resort. Trees are to be respected and they already give so much to our community and life. If there are damaged trees or sick trees that, unfortunately, need to be removed so be it but the industry and profession respects mother nature and what she has created. What God made we are to respect.

  • Bob Lockwood

    Hey you guys are awesome. I learn so much reading this blog. You are truly doing a great service to the tree industry and us guys that work in it every day. We are still getting jobs from hurricane Matthew down here in Florida. I have never seen so many trees down. Thanks for the article.

  • Lillian Schaeffer

    I like how you mentioned that tree removal is a last resort. I have several trees in my yard, and one of them was heavily damaged in a recent storm. I would like to save it, but I think it’s beyond repair, so I’ll look into having a professional come to assess the situation and see if it needs to be removed.


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