Land Clearing

 Tree Tech provides land clearing services for both residential and commercial purposes. Land clearing is often used to expand yards or outdoor living spaces or clear lots for building. We have the mechanized equipment to offer efficient removal of trees and brush and control undesirable vegetation like vines, thorns and other nuisance vegetation – whether it’s along roadsides or encroaching trees along fields. Our specialized equipment enables us to do land clearing for municipal properties, highway work, and residential properties.

Jungle Management.

Land clearing is also used to manage the underbrush on wooded lots. Clearing out undesirable trees, brush and vines from wooded parcels to creates a managed, park like appearance or add depth and function to natural areas.

Vista Clearing

Vista Clearing is another of Tree Tech’s land clearing services. Many properties are located in areas that offer tremendous views. Trees and brush often interfere, minimizing or blocking a potential view. Our clients have found that having us “manage” these areas through pruning and or removal has enhanced their landscape and increased their property value. Tree Tech offers land clearing consulting services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island to help you improve the look and value of your property.

land clearing