Tree Disease Management

Tree Disease management begins with a sound diagnosis of your landscape plants. Our certified arborists will inspect your trees and shrubs and recommend an effective, economical, and environmentally sound solution to treating your plants. Tree Tech’s certified arborists are trained to provide options and treatments when needed and help you design a program of care that makes sense. Our technicians will apply necessary treatments in a conscientious manner.

Tree Disease Treatment

Having beautiful trees and shrubs is easy with the proper cultural practices along with necessary control services. Treatment can provide protection for plants by creating a barrier on leaves that prevents the germination and growth of spores that cause tree diseases. Tree Tech’s certified arborists will recommend the most effective disease treatment based on the type of tree, the severity of the disease and the homeowners personal needs. Tree Tech provides disease treatments for trees, shrubs and ornamentals to enhance the beauty of your landscape and ensure the health and preservation of your plants.

Common Tree Diseases and Recommended Treatments

Professional tree disease treatments can protect your investment and enhance the beauty of your property and its value. Below are some of the most common diseases and their treatments:

disease management

Dutch Elm Disease

Dutch elm disease has affected certain varieties of elm trees across the northeastern region. A preventative treatment includes injecting the trunk of specimen elm trees in the spring/summer season with a treatment that prevents Dutch elm disease fungus for up to three years.

Bleeding Canker Beech Tree Disease

In recent years Beech Trees have been declining in numbers do to a fungus that attacks the vascular system, called “bleeding canker”. Tree disease symptoms include die back in the upper canopy, browning of leaves and most notably cankers on the trunk that bleed a red liquid. Disease treatment of infected trees includes fungicide drenches on the main leaders, trunk and over the root area beneath the tree, along with other prescribed plant health practices that will minimize stress and reverse the decline caused by the tree disease.

Dogwood Anthracnose

Flowering dogwoods need to be continually protected against anthracnose disease. Anthracnose disease favors cool wet conditions most notably found in spring and fall weather, but trees are vulnerable throughout the season. Tree disease symptoms include tan spots that develop a purple trim. Disease treatment includes applications of fungicide will protect against leaf infections. You may also improve air circulation around trees to help dry foliage and reduce the risk of infection.

Tree Tech can help prevent and treat these tree diseases and other common diseases. For more information on our disease management, treatment or insect control services, please request a site visit or contact our tree care experts. Tree Tech provides a full range of tree care services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.