Tree Removal

Tree removal is our treatment of last resort. Our certified arborists can help determine if a tree is hazardous and needs to be removed or if there are other options available. Our ultimate goal is to preserve the health and life of trees when possible. However, the safety of your property is the utmost priority. Some common reasons for tree removal include:

  • tree is dead or dying
  • tree is storm damaged
  • tree is considered a hazard
  • tree is crowding out other trees or causing them harm
  • tree is blocking the way of future construction

Sometimes a tree can be treated or trimmed to avoid having it removed. In the event a tree does need to be removed, Tree Tech’s experienced personnel will safely remove it, even in the most difficult conditions. All of our tree work is done with precision and care to avoid damage to your property. Tree Tech is equipped with 3 tree removal cranes and a staff of trained professionals who are dedicated to safe, efficient tree removal.

Tree removal includes cutting the tree down to nearly ground level and if necessary, the remaining stump can be ground below grade. Stump grinding can include the removal of most surface roots.

Tree Tech has been providing tree removal services and a full range of tree care services since 1986. We pride ourselves on providing the best possible tree care, treatment and preservation throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

To inquire about tree removal in Massachusetts or Rhode Island, or speak to a certified arborist about services, call Tree Tech today or request a site visit.

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