Tree & Shrub
Trimming and Pruning

Tree Tech offers the most comprehensive tree trimming services in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Proper tree and shrub trimming is about maintaining good tree health, aesthetics and keeping your property and landscape safe from falling tree limbs. Most landscape trees require more maintenance. Proper pruning will enhance the beauty of your landscape and compliment the other shrubs, plantings and the lawn area on your property.

Trimming Keeps Trees Healthy, Safe and Beautiful

A tree growing naturally assumes the shape that allows it to make the best use of light in a given location and climate, which isn’t always ideal for your landscape. The trees can become unsightly or unhealthy and may create a liability for your property.

By definition, tree trimming or pruning is the removal or reduction of certain parts of the tree that are not required. The common reasons for pruning are: aesthetics, to train the tree, care for and maintain tree health, improve the quality of flowers, fruit, foliage or stems, and restrict the growth for landscape effect or value of the plant.


Certified Arborists Evaluate Your Trees

A Tree Tech Sales Representative is a Certified Arborist who will ask what the goals for your landscape are. With that in mind, they can suggest different pruning methods to help accomplish your goals.

All tree trimming and pruning is done to ANSI A300 Standards. These standards have been developed by the Tree Care Industry Association along with the American Standards Institute (ANSI). They are performance standards based on current research and sound practice for writing specifications to manage trees, shrubs and other woody plants. This way, clients can compare estimates from several professional tree care companies giving both a client and a reputable business protection from dishonest competitors (those who say they will deliver the same tree service at a lower price but only provide a fraction of that service).

When a tree is properly pruned, it maintains its natural shape and form. When necessary, susceptible trees can be pruned to minimize the incidence of damage from strong winds and snow loads.

Pruning and trimming trees and shrubs can be done any time of the year. Many people have their trees pruned in the spring or summer. But you may want to consider doing it in the fall or winter, after the leaves are off the trees. During seasons without the leaves, the structure of the tree more visible, which makes it easier to access and a better evaluation of what needs to be pruned can be done. Additional benefits are improved access, absence of landscape obstacles like flower beds. This in turn leads to savings as the work can be done more efficiently.

Tree Tech’s certified arborists provide expert tree care and a full range of tree trimming and tree care services throughout Massachusetts and Rhode Island. To schedule a site visit or evaluation of your trees and shrubs, click here.